22 iulie 2016

This Is How You Advertise!

Placeat cardigan nesciunt Williamsburg accusamus kitsch, gluten-free small batch quis put a bird on it enim Pitchfork mumblecore mollit. Bushwick biodiesel nisi crucifix assumenda roof party. Sriracha retro irony ugh biodiesel, consectetur American Apparel aliqua proident esse. Pickled ullamco ... Citeste articolul »

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22 iulie 2016

Tim Brown

Tim Brown Tim Brown, the artist behind Brown House Creative is an award winning producer based in Nashville, TN (Music City USA ). Tim creates driving and soulful instrumental music that has been featured in the productions of a number ... Citeste articolul »

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20 iulie 2016

Tim McMorris

Tim McMorris Tim McMorris is producer, composer / singer-songwriter and recording artist currently living in the Niagara Falls area in Canada. Music has been one of my greatest passions since I can remember and over the years I have been honored to ... Citeste articolul »

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● Ultimele Articole ✔ Cum a reactionat Cristi Minculescu dupa ce Metallica a cantat “De vei pleca” de la Iris ●